5 Ways to Make Golf More Enjoyable

At some point in time, most of the people are going to end up playing golf, because golf is special. It doesn’t matter if young, old, had the hobby passed down from your father, or a pro athlete of another sport, all of which are going to end up playing the sport that everyone seems to call it their favorite pastime. Anyway enthusiasts of the sport would flaunt it as something exciting, amusing, and most of all, enjoyable. If you haven’t played golf yet, let me leave you with a warning. As you start the whole process of learning how to play the sport, sooner or later, you’ll realize that it gets pretty boring.


Thus the reason why most pro sports athletes play golf when they are retired, as they only use it to pass the time. Just think about it, you just stand under the sun, hold your stance, swing the club, hit the ball, and move to another spot. The part where you get to move around to where the ball landed or when you wait for your turn, that’s the time when you really get bored. You don’t have to worry, though, as I’m going to list down all the things that you can do to pass the time to make golf a little more enjoyable.

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Create Your Own Rules

When playing golf, whether you’re playing alone or with your friends, leave all the seriousness behind, leave all of that to the professionals. When playing alone, you can create a set of rules on your own such as swinging the club with your non-dominant side, getting the ball to a particular spot, or hitting something way off the field. There’s a lot of possibilities for all the things you can enjoy while playing golf, as your fun is only limited by your imagination.

Only Play A Few Holes

If playing golf tends to feel dull and boring, you can do it in small doses. For instance, you can play for nine or holes or 12. A dozen is quite ideal, think of it as two six-hole “nines.” You’re not wrapped up in the normal performance benchmarks, including hitting 40 or 80, so you can really enjoy the game. At the very least, it would allow you fewer opportunities to beat up yourself.

Get Your Scorecard And Throw It Away

The first thing to do to make the game more enjoyable is to stop keeping score. Some people are so obsessed with the results that it’s really satisfying to chuck out the tiny pencil and to tear the scorecard apart on the first tee. It actually takes a lot of courage to do this, and throughout the round, you continuously stop yourself from applying strokes to the par in your head. But once you get there mentally, you can absolutely make your game more enjoyable.

Don’t Bring Too Much

Think about it, bringing fourteen are just too many clubs. They’re so big and heavy, and they’re making the whole game dull. Always remember, you’re not playing golf as a professional, so stop acting so professional and only bring a few clubs that are needed for you to play the game. You don’t want to be that one particular person who goes overboard on the equipment they bring to the game and end up sucking at it.


Playing golf is actually quite satisfying, you only need to bring your equipment with you, hit the ball, and let luck take its course. However, you can’t deny the fact the game would get pretty boring, pretty fast, which is why you need to follow this list to make the game a little more enjoyable. From creating your own set of rules to watching live cam girls when you’re doing nothing, always remember that golf is only fun if you want it to be.

Will golfers have different priorities after coronavirus ends?

The suspension of golf may help professionals see the bigger picture and European Tour stars might resist the temptation of rushing towards the money.

Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus’ statements over current problems in the world could echo, considering their stance that golf is not so important for the moment. Rory Mcllroy’s statement that we’re one team in this outbreak helps push the message, while Jon Rahm also further supports it by raising his voice when fellow millennials ignore the advice on coronavirus, it might hint a new perspective at the top of professional golf.

The sense of community we’re rediscovering during these trying times along with the stars of golf might spark new thinking at the rising stars of golf. The sport in general should retain the acts of kindness, as we can see on certain big names in the sport world. Considering however that golfers are independent, in control of their actions, as long as they’re performing at the top of their game, could things be different once this is all over?

Is there a chance in there that men and women playing at the highest lever will see the bigger picture instead of their own interest?
Will they realise that their pursuit of excellence is crushed by pursuit of money and will they think of working for the greater good of lesser known fellow professionals?

The same questions were asked after the events of September 11, 2001, bearing the question of importance of money, reputation and rivalries. The answer came quickly when everything resumed back to normal, nothing changed and we got over the notion of a caring world of sport.

Recent events are different to what happened 19 years ago, now we’re forced to think of the less fortunate than us, who are in a non-admirable position. But is it enough to make the successful golfers thing somewhat different in the future?

Tiger Woods has never played the John Deere Classic due to its small-time status on the PGA Tour. Obviously that would never happen, but some people have been wishing for something like that to happen, since it would show his appreciation towards the general public with such a gesture.

However the PGA Tour has forced the stars in the recent years to play some of the less famous tournaments. It might be that now is the time to make those wishes a reality, seeing how best golfers around the glove could do something for lesser known player and tournaments which struggle.

Some of the European players are so much taken over by the thought of playing a PGA Tour that their path to winning is taken over by the thought of earning money. Their ambition doesn’t drive them to elevate the game, by playing some of the smaller tournaments in their home countries and in Europe which are hoping to attract strong fields.

Women’s Tour after the crisis will be hit hard as well, it was struggling even before the crisis occurred to reach a financially relevant status and give female professionals a reason to play and earn a living. Even though there have been collaborations between women’s and men’s tours, the damage will be greater after these events, and it calls for an urgent need to make this kind of happening a must.

Those golfers who remain financially healthy we can only hope will give a thought or two towards those less fortunate.